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Anger, Do we have the right angry?

The sound still not where it should be, but again God's message comes through.

Jonah was angry, angry because God had show Mercy and Grace on the Ninevites. We today often carry around anger when we don't have to. Anger isn't how we show the world the love of Jesus.  

We have no right to be angry if we have given Jesus complete control of our lives.

Rich Man

Are you living like the rich man, caring more about the materialistic. He was looking for that one thing he could do to earn eternal life. He wasn't seeking a personal relationship with Jesus, he just wanted eternal life so he could spend forever with his riches.


A short testimony of how I finally answered the calling God placed on my life. God had allowed me to run, but had not release me for what He had called me to do, to preach.

Are we commanded to pray?

Are we commanded to pray or does God leave that up to us? Do we have a responsibility to pray? What does the Bible have to say about this and our prayer life?